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Web Site and Application Hosting

Managed Hosting

Our most popular plan, Managed Hosting is a turnkey solution for any client with a web site developed by InSite Media.

InSite Media manages all aspects of your web site and domain. Your site is hosted on a Tier II provider with:

- Multiple redundant, load-balanced web servers
- Redundant, load-balanced Internet routers
- Stand-by Power for 3-hours.
- Gas generator for major power failures
- Automatic data backup every night
- HTML, SQL Server, Cold Fusion, ASP, and .Net support
- Optional streaming media
- Optional out-of-city storage and standby host
- 99.993% uptime (2002).

(Disaster-recovery plans created on a case-by-case basis.)

Third-Party ISP

For users who demand total control of their web platform, InSite Media will coordinate deployment with InSite Media’s ISP of choice, or with your preferred ISP.

In-house hosting

There are several reasons for hosting your own web site, including legislative concerns about sensitive information, and live interfaces to your internal systems. For clients who wish to own or lease their own web server platform, InSite Media:

- provides requirements specifications
- provides server sizing guidelines
- recommends a preferred supplier servers
- provides onsite network engineers

Managed Co-Location

Sophisticated clients demanding the ultimate in flexibility and control should consider managed co-location services. Your servers and software licenses are leased on a 12-month basis and dedicated to your application. Configure them any way you like. Install anything you need.

Your servers are installed next to ours, behind the firewall and integrated into our security environment. Your managed service includes all updates, service patches etc., routine system administration, etc.

We use sophisticated “health monitoring” software to automatically intervene in case of trouble, sending alerts to our engineers, restarting services and even rebooting. These automatic measures help make sure your site is always available when people visit, and in many cases, our systems can resolve trouble with your servers before you’re even aware of it.



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