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Web Site Promotion Tools - Our Webmaster's Picks

Web Position Gold - Advanced Search Engine Marketing

When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 matches, or does your competition?

If you're listed but not within the first two or three pages of results, you lose, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to. No other product is more favorably reviewed by the press or its customers than Web Position Gold.

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WordTracker - Precision Search Engine Marketing

Target the wrong keywords and your efforts will be in vain. WordTracker is a data-mining system for winning with the search engines. Enter any Keyword phrase, and WordTracker will tell you how many Internet users search for that term, how many competing web sites are posted on each major search engine, and hundreds of related phrases that might do better in the search engines. Find niche phrases and be the only site listed. Guarantee your site a first place listing on any major search engine

Click here to take WordTracker for a free test drive.

GetResponse - Smart AutoResponder

Research shows that most prospects will not buy the first time they are exposed to your offer. Consistent, personalized follow up with your eager prospective customers can as much as quadruple your earnings! The more times you contact your prospects and keep them HOT, the bigger the chances they will finally buy from you!

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Blinding Flash - Automated Reciprocal Linking System

Reciprocal Linking is the best kept secret in Internet marketing. Over 60% of web traffic comes from links on other web sites, NOT the search engines. The only drawback is the time is takes to find link partners and to write to them to request a link back to your site. Not anymore.

By installing one line of code on your web site, The BlindingFlash Reciprocal Links Manager automates the entire process in a seamless, automatic solution that runs 24 hours a day to drive qualified, targeted traffic to your web site.

Click here (free)

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Tulip Communicator - Brand New Concept! "Friendly Push," Right to Subscriber Desktops!

Whether you have a content site, a community site or a marketing site, generating loyal visitors is critical to your success. The best possible result of your promotion efforts is for your new users to transition from casual visitors into "regulars" - habitual visitors to your site. You want your users to make visiting your site a part of their daily surfing ritual. Tulip Communicator helps users develop this habit, through regular, consistent contact.

Tulip Communicator, a "polite push" mass communication system, gives you a direct channel to your users desktop, without the use of email! Tulip Communicator is designed to help you maintain a relationship with your audience, by delivering your content regularly, and consistently.

Need content? Tulip Communicator's syndicated content captivates your audience and gently nudges visitors toward your site. See it in action by tuning in to Mr. Beginner's Channel.

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"Mr. Beginner's
Webmaster Channel!"



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