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Optimization for Free Search Engines

- Google / Yahoo Web Matches
- Hotbot
- Overture
- All the Web (Fast) / Lycos

Perhaps the most important and the most misunderstood aspect of Internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines use automated vacuum cleaners (web crawlers) to inventory as much as they can about the entire Internet. Your site WILL NOT attract appreciable traffic from the free search engines without input, but with skillful promotion, you can advertise your site in these search engines to attract qualified prospects to your web site.

It is estimated that roughly 3,000,000 new web pages are published every day. It comes as no surprise, then, that most Google/Yahoo searches produce tens of thousands of matches. The challenge is to out-maneuver your competitors and make it to the first 10 listings (page 1).

To accomplish this, it is crucial to zero in on the keyword phrases your audience is likely to use in their quest for information – phrases that you would like your site to be an excellent match for. Secondly, it is crucial to propagate the web site with these keyword phrases in both the visible text your audience reads, and the hidden text the search engines read, perchance to convince the search engine that your site is the best match for said phrase.

Thirdly, it is crucial to announce your web site’s existence to these search engines relentlessly until your site is listed, and continuously in order for it to remain so.

Finally, “Link Popularity” and “Link Relevancy” are an increasingly important factors the search engines use to score matched pages and to determine the order in which they will be presented to your prospect. The more web sites that link to yours, and the more similar they are to yours, the higher your Link Popularity and Link Relevancy.

InSite Media manages every aspect of your Search Engine Optimization project.

Keyword Selection. We test hundreds of keywords to find the niches with the best supply and demand ratios. That is, those phrases that many people routinely search for, and which produce few web site matches on the leading searching engines.

Keyword Propagation: For a web page to be a match for a given phrase, the phrase must be conspicuously present throughout the page. There are numerous technical places where the key phrases go to help ensure that a match is made. These include META tags, ALT tags, file and folder names, and other less obvious places.

Relentless submission. The free search engines cater to the public more than to web masters, and they can afford to be sloppy with free submissions. Relentless checking and resubmitting is crucial to gain a listing and to remain listed.

Performance Reports. On Demand, clients can review the same reports our marketers use to manage the search engine campaigns. These reports show, among other things, exactly where your site ranks on every search engine, for every phrase you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting 10 phrases, then all 10 need to be checked against of the major engines just to know how your campaign is progressing. Our reporting system does this for you.

Each of these elements works in concert with the others to produce a steady stream of new visitors from the free search engines.

InSite Media compliments Search Engine optimization with Directory Listings, Pay-Per-Click listings, and Reciprocal Linking campaigns that improve Link Popularity and Relevancy, which leads to improved rankings.

You can check Link the Popularity of any web site at Sites that appear near the top of large search results lists from Google and Yahoo will tend to have high Link Popularity.



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