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Opt-In e-Mail Marketing

Most sales are closed after seven contacts or more, so what does your web site do after the visitor has moved on? Of course, the correct answer is “follow-up,” yet most web sites don’t do that.

An Opt-in Email campaign consists of a lead gathering system on the web site (and also using Viral techniques), and a series of follow-up emails designed to bring them back and to keep them thinking about your offer.

InSite Media designs self-managing mailing lists that automate the entire follow-up process, as well as routine mailing list administration.

To a marketer, an email address is worth ten anonymous web site visitors, since only the email prospects can be followed up. Therefore, accumulation of a prospects database should be an integral part of most online marketing plans.

The result is a much higher close rate for a given level of site activity, improved customer service immediately after first contact, and usually a significantly reduced administrative burden. The ever-growing database is a mailing list you can send promotions to, at will, even years from now. Imagine having 10,000 qualified prospects to whom you could send a personalized promotion with a single click. Wouldn’t you use that to drive some business from time to time?



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