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Network Hardware and Professional Services

Network & Security Assessments

How is your network performing? Where are the bottlenecks? Where are the security holes? Are your users accessing things they shouldn’t? How secure are your remote and VPN users? Is your network easy to manage? If not, why?

Our specialists can provide you with the answers to these questions and more. We can assess, analyze and document your IT environment in detail to help you pinpoint areas that require scrutiny, and help you use this information to plan upgrades, enhancements, modifications, and other future projects.

IT Strategies, Policies & Procedures

Over the years, InSite Media has seen many eye-opening pitfalls, pratfalls, and head-scratchers at organizations – some of them large multinationals. But we have also seen strokes of genius and things that made us go “wow!”

Your business can draw upon our experiences and knowledge to help you with your strategic IT planning, policies and procedures. Use our experienced specialists to help you achieve your corporate goals and keep your users and IT administrators satisfied as well.

Project Management

You can utilize InSite Media’s extensive experience with managing IT projects – from corporate-wide upgrades to new installations – to help you coordinate and plan your projects to help ensure things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Infrastructure Design & Planning

If you are upgrading, expanding, enhancing, or even building a brand new LAN, WAN or VPN, take advantage of InSite Media’s expertise in designing and planning IT infrastructures. We can help you create a secure, flexible, scalable infrastructure with minimal bottlenecks, and is also easy to administer.

Business Opportunity Analysis

How can IT enhance your business? How can you improve the productivity of your users? Are there any applications out there that can help your business thrive?

InSite Media’s business analysts can help you answer these and other questions to help your business gain a decisive competitive edge.

By analyzing your business and its needs in depth, our analysts can recommend ways to improve your business through automation, or resolve system-related business issues. We can also create custom reports, studies, documentation, user manuals, and business cases to give you the information you need to help your business succeed.



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