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Reciprocal Linking

Trading links with web sites that target the same audience as your own is the oldest and still one of the best methods of growing sustainable traffic. Setting aside the work involved for the moment, the advantages are several:

1. Links from sites that target the same audience only send highly targeted traffic. This is because a) the visitor was on a similar web site, and b) because they clicked on your advertisement in their quest for more information.

2. Secondly, links from other sites create “Link Popularity” which will improve your position on the free search engines, which increases the click-throughs from the free search engines.

3. Finally, it is the most permanent and stable form of traffic available. In general, these links aren't going anywhere once they’re set up. As your link partners increase traffic to their own sites, they’ll send your site proportionately more traffic. This method is immune to the ever-changing ranking systems and rules each search engine follows.

Of course, for this to work, you’ll need hundreds of web sites to exchange links with you, and they will all have to be in a related field. InSite Media manages turnkey Reciprocal Linking campaigns that cost-effectively identify, contact, close and implement link trades with good link trade partners. The result is a steady stream of traffic that continues long after you stop using our service.



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