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Web Site Promotion

Your web site won’t benefit your organization unless it is used, and it won’t be used if qualified prospects cannot find it. Most webmasters learn that web site promotion is much more intricate than first meets the eye. This is due to shear size of the Internet, which is growing by roughly 3,000,000 pages per day.

Precisely how the search engines work is proprietary information that belongs to the competing interests in the field. Even so, much is known about the Do’s and Don’ts of search engine marketing. InSite Media uses only techniques recommended by the best experts in the field.

A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of Internet Marketing can be found at The nine-part course entitled Mr. Beginner Goes Online, Internet Marketing Made Easy, authored by InSite Media founder Robert Hitchens, provides in-depth theory and hands-on techniques that are accessible to non-experts.

The most popular elements of web site promotion campaigns are:

- Free Search Engine Optimization
- Paid Directory Listings
- Pay-per-Click / Sponsor Links
- Multiple Domains and Site Maps
- Affiliate Plans
- Reciprocal Linking
- Opt-in Email Marketing
- Viral Marketing

"We are happy to report our first sale as a direct result of the web page. We are thrilled with the response."
- Karleen Sabourn, Zip Tubes



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