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Domains and Site Maps

Most people realize that each domain is treated as a separate web site, but fewer realize that multiple domains can direct users to the same web pages. To see this in action, visit and search for “Custom Menu Covers.”

At the time of this writing, Vancouver Bookbinding web pages are shown in positions 1,2,8 and 9 (The sponsored link is a Google Adword).

Interestingly, listing 1 and 2 refer to, while listings 8 & 9 refer to As far as Google and 99% of the public can discern, these are unrelated, separate web sites. By visiting the sites, you will notice that they are, in fact, identical copies of the same site.

Multiple domains help you dominate result sets in your target niche. Dominating a results page in this way increases the likelihood that a searcher will select one of your listings and click through to your site. Additional domains are a force multiplier, in that all of your promotion activities can be repeated for each of your domains.

Since the domain name itself is a possible match (and an important one), it’s usually best to take advantage of the new 69 character domain names and purchase domains that match your keyword phrases, such as These increase the number of times your site is listed, and when the domain matches the search phrase, improves the page’s ranking in the result set.

A search engine friendly Site Map (also known as Spider Food) will help lead the visiting search engines to all of your domains and pages for full effect.



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